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Why 88% of Millennials and Gen Xers want improved vehicle interior storage and features. 

Report focus

This highly visual 230 page report goes deep behind the scenes of everyday life among singles, couples and young families in the 25-54 demographic to reveal how they use, abuse, access and assess their vehicle storage features in what have become complex private habitats – reflections of everyday life, only more chaotic and unclean.

Who needs this?

The report immerses managers responsible for UX, product planning and marketing/customer engagement in the dynamics of these fast-transitioning Millennial and Gen X targets whose rapidly changing lives create new needs and priorities.

  • Product Planning and UX: Automakers, OEMs, Suppliers
  • Marketing: Brand Managers, Advertising Agencies, Strategists
  • Sales Trainers

This highly visual 230 page report, An Inside View: Car Interior Scenes & Secrets, brings decision makers into the private daily lives of hundreds of Millennials and Gen Xers to discover how they really use their vehicles’ interior storage spaces and places, how they really evaluate them and the real improvements they will look for next time they buy.

The keynote finding is that most in this demographic deal with a daily UX that is less than ideal, very different than than depicted by marketing materials, ads and websites – with the majority (88%) facing obstacles to good interior order and cleanliness.

Proprietary Interior Archaeology Protocol

Vizionation partnered with ethnographic lifestyle specialist PayYourSelfie, Inc., to adapt its award-winning mobile survey platform to create the Interior Archaeology Protocol ™ and reveal the hidden truth of car interior places and spaces.

Based on the new academic field of contemporary archaeology, this cutting edge technique combines large sample data, in-depth sensitivity and in the moment photo-documentation to explore vehicle interiors as private mobile habitats.

An Inside View: Car Interior Scenes & Secrets blends a national survey of 600 drivers aged 25-54, 100 in-depth ethnographic vehicle excavations and 1,200 spontaneous photos to bring to life the scenes and secrets not only of vehicles but of the people who inhabit them.

In addition its unprecedented authenticity, the report includes expert socio-cultural analysis that puts the attitudes, expectations, needs and wants of Millennial and Gen X drivers into a practical business context.

Report Chapters/Topics

  • Millennial/Gen X dynamics, profiles and personal lives
  • Why moms are under the most pressure
  • Storage & storage feature importance in vehicle choice
    • Current vehicle vs. next time
  • Storage implications: “car/sedan” formats vs. SUVs/CUVs
  • Overall storage space/place evaluations
  • Specific storage space/place usage and item inventory
  • Specific storage space/place evaluation
    • Trunk/cargo area
    • Cup-holder/console area
    • Map (door) pockets
    • Glove box
    • On and under seats / on the floor
  • Transporting children: behavior and outcomes
  • Transporting pets: behavior and outcomes
  • Food/drink in the vehicle: impacts & implications
  • Vehicle cleanliness and order: challenges & failures
    • Consumer coping styles:
      • Controlled  / Challenged   / Overwhelmed
    • Slips & spills: causes & culprits
    • Where trash winds up: stashes & caches
    • Gross, grody, grungy: the problem spots
  • Worst interior peeves & pain points
  • Desired improvements & solutions


Charter price through May15, 2019: $5,525 per licensee  – less than the cost of a focus group but delivering $60,000 custom study content.

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Subscriber Bonus Materials

  • Photo Galleries: Full access to 1,200 in-vehicle and home environment photos to supercharge manager insights, inspirations and solutions
  • Webinar:  a one-hour online consultation with Vizionation team leaders
  • Marketing Insight Piece: Generation X: eXiles on Main Street? 

Once dismissed as the slacker, middle child generation squeezed between Baby Boomers and Millennials, Gen X is now in its peak earning years and its  corporate world members are bringing new ideas and insights to C Suites and boardrooms nationwide.

Packed with economic data, survey findings and socio-cultural context, the report immerses marketers in the true dynamics of this remarkable generation. Sweeping away clumsy stereotypes, it details the folly of shifting marketing focus away from Xers as they leave the 18-49 demographic. 

By the end of 2019 some 20 million of these highly valuable consumers will have been exiled from direct, specific targeting by mainstream, Main Street brands since 2015.

Published at $895, Generation X: eXiles on Main Street? is free of charge to subscribers.


Car Interior Scenes & Secrets: An Inside View is not available to, and may not be shared with, market research companies; we ask our friendly competitors for professional courtesy.


The report is co-authored by Vizionation’s senior automotive industry consultants Marc Matthews and Barry Robertson and by Millennial/Gen X ethnographic expert  Michelle Smyth, president of PayYourSelfie, Inc.

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