Powerful New Programs: Socio-Cultural Roadmaps to Brand Reinvention

We teach brands to increase market share by leveraging subconscious socio-cultural imprinting

Running quietly in the background of each generation’s operating system are lines of cultural code imprinted by the fast-changing mass consumer society within which it transitions through life.

This embedded software creates silent generational languages that shape brand perceptions without consumers’ conscious knowledge and in ways they can neither understand nor articulate.

  • Different socio-cultural coding leads different generations to perceive the same brands differently.

It is crucial for brand decision makers to understand how generationally differentiated imprinting shapes not only consumer motivations and subconscious perceptions but also those embedded in the inner minds of the marketers and advertisers who seek to engage and persuade them.

Brands must learn these hidden mechanisms or accept destinies beyond their control.

Generations, Demographics and Life Stage

Flowing generational streams versus static ponds and pools

Typical strategies use demographics and life stage to pool consumers. Convenient. Conventional.

  • Age18-34     … Lower income/spending power: mainly singles, couples, early family stage
  • Age 35-49    … Peaking household incomes: mainly couples and family stage
  • Age 50-Plus … Peak assets/spending power: couples/older families, grandparents, pre-retirement

But as consumers flow through life, their generational software flows with them: Boomers remain Boomers; Xers remain Xers; Millennials remain Millennials. Demographics merely skim the surface.

Marketing Culture: Out of Step With the World’s 3rd Largest Economy

Most brands lack fluency in the socio-cultural languages of their best customers

Americans age 50+ represent the world’s #3 economy behind the U.S. itself and China, yet less than 10% of the national ad spend goes to proactively engaging them. Blame conventional wisdom and cultural disconnect.

Most ad agency creatives are in their 20s/30s; 90-95% of all ad/marketing/PR professionals are 20-30-40 something. Inevitably, too many brand cultures and too many brand conversations drift out of step with 118 million customers age 50-plus and resort to memes, stereotypes and caricatures.

Our 50+ demo-specific consulting unit, Boomer / neXt helps advertisers fix this costly disconnect.

Boomer / neXt  supports VizioNation seminars and publications, training brands to regenerate engagement and boost sales among the Boomers and Gen Xers who dominate the over-50 economy – not only the world’s #3 GDP but America’s fastest growing demographic, one that will increase 130 million by 2030.

Reimagination Seminars

Learn generational imprinting, expand brand horizons.

America’s generations are too big to ignore, too complex to stereotype: without authentic tools, too many brands do both Our innovative immersive seminars teach decision makers the socio-cultural languages that, silent and unseen, drive brand perception and purchase. For 2021 we offer the following, priced from $10,000 per organization – click for details.

  • Marketing to Midlife Millennials … Unexpected Normalcy, New Priorities and Hidden Influences
  • 60 Is the New 60 … Reimagining the 50+ Consumer Space for Marketing Radicals
  • Crossing the Pond Post-Brexit: Mind The Gap … Possibilities and Pitfalls for UK/EU Brands

Reimagination Publications and Reports

New uncrowded destinations

VizioNation thought leaders take visionaries to profitable new destinations while laggards linger in the old places. Portfolio for 2021:

  • Generation X: eXiles on Main Street
  • American Women, American Dreams
  • Brand Courtship: Winning and Losing Affection in the 50+ Demo
  • Crossing the Chasm to the World’s 3rd Largest Economy
  • Frontiers of Boomer Culture: Granola Bars, Running Shoes & SUVs
  • Car Interior Scenes & Secrets: Millennial/Gen X Driver Study
  • Volkswagen, Cadillac and the Failure of Thinking Small
  • Culture Clash: Humble American Cupholder vs. European Automakers

In addition to licensed publications priced from $950, some content is free; visit Publications And Reports for details.

Exclusions: Content is not available to market research or consulting companies. However, we entertain joint ventures: contact to discuss.

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