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Free: 40 page overview from American Women, American Dreams

We asked over a thousand women aged 18-54 show what “The American Dream” means to them with selfies and an intensely personal survey.

As an introduction to VizioNation value and data-humanizing insight, we offer an overview of findings from this remarkable study. CLICK now to request your free overview of American Women, American Dreams

Free: glimpses from An Inside View: Car Interior Scenes & Secrets

For glimpses of how VizioNation’s comprehensive photo-survey Car Interior Scenes & Secrets: An Inside View inspires interior designers and marketers to new levels of creativity, CLICK to download the free PDF  Car Secrets – Fast Facts & Photos Its three quick-read chapters look at …

Social collage Krissy_SydneyThe Manager’s Dilemma: Is What Consumers Say Really True?

With rigorous design research studies running to six figures, too many decisions are based on guesswork and quick-and-dirty data; however, when it comes to consumer self-reporting, truth lies in the eye of the beholder. It’s a monstrous problem for interior designers, UX innovators and marketers who rely on consumer research for planning.

But VizioNation looks beyond what consumers say and photo-documents reality. For example, Krissy and Sydney both rate their vehicle interiors as somewhat messy – one is pristine, the other a disaster. See for yourself …

Pets on The Loose: Not Cute – Unsafe

“Oh boy, where are we going?!?!?!?!” Bailey is excited to ride with her mom to work, to trail hikes and on errands and road trips. Her excitement masks a dark and dangerous truth: like over 90% of the ride-along pets in the VizioNation study Car Interior Scenes & Secrets, she travels unrestrained – in an accident she would become a projectile, injuring herself and human passengers as well.

Millennials may be America’s most dog-friendly generation, but their vehicles under-deliver on pet safety.

Social_Dodge cupholdersMost Cupholders Carry Far More “Stuff” Than Cups

Thanks to Chrysler’s minivan UX home run in 1983, Millennials grew up with cupholders. Ever since, as passengers and now drivers, they found creative ways to crowd out cups with an amazing variety of “stuff” – from Mexican Worry Dolls to a clutter of cables and everything imaginable in between.

Today, their evolving adult lifestages have upended old perceptions and priorities – and they are crying out for innovative solutions next time they buy.

Driver UX Study: The Inside Story – Car Interior Scenes & Secrets

Key Finding: 88% of Millennials and Gen Xers want better vehicle interior storage solutions

VizioNation celebrates the amazing response to this powerful innovative research with 2020 discounts:

New subscriber pricing as low as $3,575 for a single site user (up to 10 downloads) : current subscribers may now add new affiliate licensees at prices discounted by 40%

Exclusions: The report is not available to, and may not be shared with, market research or consulting companies. VizioNation entertains joint venture engagements – contact us to discuss.

This immersive study among drivers aged 25-54 utilizes VizioNation’s breakthrough Consumer Archaeology technique. Adapting the field of contemporary archaeology – sometimes called the archaeology of 5 minutes ago – to consumer behavior, it digs deep to reveal the complex layers of UX reality.

Car Interior Scenes & Secrets is written for: innovators at automakers, OEMs and suppliers:

Product Planners  / UX Designers / Brand Managers / Marketers / Ad Agencies / Strategists

Deliverable: highly visual 230 page report based on 600 surveys, 100 in-depth vehicle case studies, 1,200 consumer photos and expert analysis of socio-cultural trends driving behavior.

The report reveals how drivers use and evaluate storage features in everyday life – and why 88% want better solutions to achieve organization and cleanliness in their busy mobile habitats.

Report Chapters/Topics

  • Millennial/Gen X dynamics and lifestyle profiles
  • Why young moms are under the most pressure
  • Storage & storage feature importance in vehicle choice … current vehicle vs. next time
  • Storage importance & implications: car/sedan owners trending to SUVs/CUVs in future
  • Storage space and place use, contents and evaluation: from the glove box to the cargo area and (yuk) on the floor
  • Transporting children / transporting pets: behavior, concerns and outcomes
  • Food/drink in the vehicle: impacts & implications on cleanliness, order and consumer coping styles
  • Gross, grody & grungy … slips & spills, causes & culprits … where trash winds up: stashes & caches … problems, peeves & pain points
  • Desired improvements & solutions

VizioNation: Millennial Women in Focus

VizioNation conducts photo surveys among Millennial women, with sub-samples of Gen Z and Gen X, that humanize data and illustrate the real-life brand/product intersect. 

These candid, everyday life  reports open doors to greater brand manager and ad/PR agency insight and innovation. They integrate:

  • Lifestyle oriented survey findings
  • Photo-documentation
  • Industry, government and social trend data
  • Expert analysis

An excellent resource for creatives, strategists and content managers looking to enhance their own thinking with authentic consumer backstories.

Contact us for more information or to order a report(s)  – scroll down for form.

Cadillac Imagery, Affinity and Aspiration

Cadillac attempted a brand relaunch in 2015 by targeting Millennials. This survey examines how women in this group actually perceive the one-time American favorite, and reveals their level of affinity and aspiration today. It sets perceptions in the context of socio-cultural dynamics, including bonus data from similar research among consumers in the 50+ space.

Single license (1-10 downloads): $495.  Enterprise license: $795

Peanut Butter

The iconic American PB&J sandwich is just one way peanut butter is enjoyed. The survey inventories brands and types on hand, details usage and shows the places and spaces where it is stored – not always as recommended.  Unfortunately, peanut allergies can trigger severe reactions – a food allergy supplement is included. Combine the report with the Allergies & Medications study (below) at a 25% discount for each.

Single license (1-10 downloads): $395.  Enterprise license: $695

Allergies & Allergy Medications

What medications are on hand in households with allergy sufferers and those where regular guests might be affected? Where are meds stored? VizioNation examines the world of allergy sufferers – hay fever to pets and foods – and details precautions taken at home, in vehicles and on airlines. Combine the report with the Peanut Butter study  (above) at a 25% discount for each.

Single license (1-10 downloads): $395.  Enterprise license: $695

Dog Dining Dynamics

What does the doggie dining environment look like – location, bowl, dish, etc. – and what is on hand today?  Brands, feeding style/variations in diet ,reasons for choice, tricks and tips to prevent food boredom. Does the pet’s name affect the type of food served/concerns? BONUS: How do dogs ride in their owners’ vehicles – and what would they say about this if they could speak?

Single license (1-10 downloads): $395.  Enterprise license: $695

America Eats

Barbie to Skillet: What’s Cooking … “All-American” to “Ethnic”?

With so many foods and dishes from around the world so close at hand, whether on the BBQ, in the kitchen or at a restaurant, what are the foods and cuisine types Americans enjoy (we found 20 different regional and national origins)? And in view of all this choice, what do folks think of as “all-American” foods today – and how often do they eat them versus foods that are considered “ethnic”?

Single license (1-10 downloads): $395.  Enterprise license: $695


VizioNation reports are co-authored by senior consultants Marc Matthews and Barry Robertson and ethnographic expert Michelle Smyth.

To order a report, or for more information, contact us directly.