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Free download: 40 page overview from American Women, American Dreams

We asked over a thousand women aged 18-54 show what “The American Dream” means to them with selfies and an intensely personal survey.

As an introduction to Vizionation value and data-humanizing insight, we offer an overview of findings from this remarkable study. CLICK now to request your free overview of American Women, American Dreams


Free download from An Inside View: Car Interior Scenes & Secrets

For a glimpse of how Vizionation’s comprehensive photo-survey Car Interior Scenes & Secrets: An Inside View inspires interior designers and marketers to new levels of creativity, CLICK to download the free PDF  Car Secrets – Fast Facts & Photos Its three quick-read chapters look at …

Social collage Krissy_SydneyThe Interior Designer’s Dilemma: Is What Consumers Say Really True?

With rigorous design research studies running to six figures, too many decisions are based on guesswork and quick-and-dirty data; however, when it comes to consumer self-reporting, truth lies in the eye of the beholder. It’s a monstrous problem for interior designers, UX innovators and marketers who rely on consumer research for planning.

But Vizionation looks beyond what consumers say and photo-documents reality. For example, Krissy and Sydney both rate their vehicle interiors as somewhat messy – one is pristine, the other a disaster. See for yourself …

Pets on The Loose: Not Cute – Unsafe

“Oh boy, where are we going?!?!?!?!” Bailey is excited to ride with her mom to work, to trail hikes and on errands and road trips. Her excitement masks a dark and dangerous truth: like over 90% of the ride-along pets in the Vizionation study Car Interior Scenes & Secrets, she travels unrestrained – in an accident she would become a projectile, injuring herself and human passengers as well.

Millennials may be America’s most dog-friendly generation, but their vehicles under-deliver on pet safety.

Social_Dodge cupholdersMost Cupholders Carry Far More “Stuff” Than Cups

Thanks to Chrysler’s minivan UX breakthough in 1983, Millennials grew up with cupholders. Ever since, as passengers and now drivers, they found creative ways to crowd out cups with an amazing variety of “stuff” – from Mexican Worry Dolls to a clutter of cables and everything imaginable in between.

Today, their evolving adult lifestages have upended old perceptions and priorities – and they are crying out for innovative solutions next time they buy.