Licensing Terms & Conditions

Licensee Agreement

By licensing a Vizionation report and/or content, licensees agree to the general and specific terms and conditions set forth below.


The terms “licensee”, “subscriber” and “user” are synonymous and apply to both corporate entities taking delivery of a Vizionation report and/or content and to individual employees of such entities.

Free content

Vizionation may at its discretion provide free sample content upon request; unless otherwise specified, such content is provided to business entities for internal use only and is subject to the same conditions regarding sharing as paid content as set forth below.


Except with permission, Vizionation reports and content, are not available to market research and consulting organizations; professional courtesy is requested in observance of proprietary techniques, findings and insights.

General Terms & Conditions

Vizionation report content, observations, commentary and opinions are offered for the information and guidance of licensee-subscribers and are provided without warranty or guarantee of any type.

Except for previously published material included as Fair Use context, report contents remain the property of Vizionation, LLC.

Copyrighted, syndicated reports are licensed on a single licensee-subscriber basis. Each such licensee-subscriber will be assigned a unique registration number. Licenses are granted for use as follows:

  • Single License: up to 10 downloads to a single business unit
  • Enterprise License: unlimited downloads to multiple business units within the same brand
  • Affiliated Enterprise License: unlimited downloads at a discounted rate to an Enterprise Licensee’s separately branded business entities and/or service providers, clients, vendors or suppliers.
    • An entity operating as two or more brands – for example, an automobile manufacturer – must purchase a separate Affiliate Enterprise License for each brand up to two additional brands, after which additional brands are licensed free of charge (see schedule below)
    • An Enterprise licensee may nominate service providers – for example, its advertising or PR agencies, vendors and sup;pliers – as Affiliated Enterprise licensees.
    • If the Enterprise Licensee is an advertising or PR agency, vendor or supplier it may nominate its clients as Affiliated Enterprise licensees.

Pricing: Discount Schedule

Discount schedule for Affiliated Enterprise licensees:

    • First Affiliated Enterprise license: 70% of the Enterprise price
    • Second Affiliated Enterprise license: 50% of the Enterprise price
    • Third and over Affiliated Enterprise license: no additional charge

Confidentiality & Intellectual Property

Reports, their methodology and nomenclature remain the copyrighted intellectual property of Vizionation and may not be licensed to, shared with or cited to any market research company.

Vizionation will not identify licensees to any other party without permission of the licensee unless in the normal course of business involving the licensee’s affiliated entities with a need to know.

Resolution of Disputes

Disputes between subscriber-licensees and Vizionation will be litigated and/or mediated in the jurisdiction of and according to the laws of the State of Colorado.


Payment is due within 30 days of the electronic delivery of a report and must be wired in U.S. dollars (USD) to the financial institution designated by Vizionation at the time of the contract.

Payment of sales or other taxes (i.e., VAT, GST),  if applicable, due in the licensee’s governing tax jurisdiction is the responsibility of the licensee.

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